The Livingston Parish School Board follows current public health practices, rules and regulations governing the control and prevention of communicable diseases that are established by the State Department of Health. Any child exhibiting evidence of or diagnosed as having any communicable disease or infestation should be promptly excluded from school. Any child having a communicable disease or any other transmissible affliction will be readmitted to school only after giving written evidence of admissibility from a physician or school nurse, or being approved for admittance by the school administrator.


It is the policy of the Board to exclude from the Livingston Parish Public Schools any student suspected of having symptoms of head lice until satisfactory treatment has been given. The student shall be readmitted to school after the parent or guardian states treatment has been administered. Lice and/or eggs can no longer be present. One excused day will be allowed for treatment of lice infestation; subsequent days may be deemed unexcused. If days absent are excessive, the Supervisor of Child Welfare and Attendance will determine if excessive absenteeism is excused or unexcused.


If a student is medically diagnosed as having a serious communicable disease, such as AIDS, the continued attendance of the student in the regular education program will be determined by the Superintendent of the Livingston Parish School Board. His/her decision is to be based upon a written report from the student's physician addressing the risks and benefits to both the infected student and to others in the regular educational setting and stating that the student's health/safety allows such attendance. It must also take into account the behavior, neurological development and physical condition of the student, as well as the expected type of interaction of the student with others in the educational setting. Any restrictions or precautions necessary to safeguard the student's health and the health of others with whom the student comes into contact should be set forth. Prior to making a decision, the Superintendent may consult another physician or physicians or other person with expertise on such diseases. A written decision from such person shall be obtained if possible (and if not, the Superintendent shall summarize the statement of said person) concerning the issues to be addressed by the student's physician. Any such reports shall be made available to the student's representative.

If the physician's statement indicates, or the Superintendent determines, that the health of the student does not allow his/her continued attendance in the regular education program, education services may be provided in a setting that is appropriate to the health status of the child. An alternative instruction program shall be conducted under such circumstances that will afford adequate protection to both the infected student and school employees in accordance with guidelines established by the Superintendent. The guidelines shall be based on information from the child's physician and such others as the Superintendent may consult, as well as the parents or guardian of the student, other school officials and a representative of the local public health unit. Such alternative instruction shall continue to be provided until the Superintendent, in consultation with those involved in recommending the child's educational program, determines that the child can be safely returned to the regular educational program. Confidentiality of the student shall be strictly observed in all cases of communicable disease.

A student may appeal any decision of the Superintendent to the Livingston Parish School Board by so notifying the Superintendent in writing within ten (10) days.


Ref: La. Rev. Stat. Ann. 17:81, 17:170; Board minutes, 5-89.