The Livingston Parish School Board directs that evaluation of student progress be based on various aspects of performance as measured against standards for the respective grade or subject. The requirements for evaluation shall take into consideration the ability, aptitude, cultural background, and other characteristics of the student. Grading shall be based on achievement as it reflects a reasonable and conscientious effort on the part of the pupil to fulfill in the requirements of the course, and the ability of the pupil as it relates to the pupil's demonstrated effort.

Grades shall be determined and reported in accordance with procedures outlined in the Pupil Progression Plan for the Livingston Parish School Board, as approved by the Board. Grading and reporting shall serve to show those concerned how a pupil is doing in his/her work. Grades shall not be used with the intent of rewarding or punishing a pupil, including the deducting of points from a student's grades as a means of discipline.


No School Board member, Superintendent, or school employee, including administrative and supervisory personnel, shall attempt, directly or indirectly, to influence, alter, or otherwise affect the grade received by a student from his/her teacher. However, a teacher's determination of a student's grade may be changed or altered when the building level administrator has determined that the grade is in error, or that the grade is demonstrably inconsistent with the teacher's grading policy. Upon a complaint made by a student, parent/guardian, or child advocate, the building level administrator shall review the complaint with the teacher issuing the grade and make a judicious determination of the validity of the grade. The teacher, parent/ guardian, or child advocate may appeal the decision of the school building level administrator to the Superintendent or his/her designee. Further appeal may be made to the School Board.


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