The Livingston Parish School Board, in the implementation of statewide curriculum standards, has developed and adopted the Pupil Progression Plan for Livingston Parish in accordance with statutory provisions. The plan contains Board policy, regulations, and/or procedures as they relate to the promotion, retention, acceleration and similar actions regarding students' performances within the schools of the school district. The Superintendent shall be responsible for the implementation of the Pupil Progression Plan as outlined by guidelines of the Louisiana Department of Education.

The policies, regulations, and procedures developed and revised periodically in this Plan shall be considered as Board policy, regulations, and/or procedures and treated as if part of this policy manual.

The Board shall be apprised periodically concerning implementation of all regulations contained in the Plan, and an annual report shall be submitted to the staff outlining the progress of the programs, promotions affected, and similar transactions.


Ref: La. Rev. Stat. Ann. 17:24.3; Guidelines for Pupil Progression, Bulletin 1566, Louisiana Department of Education.