It is the policy of the Livingston Parish School Board that each employee's dress, grooming, and personal hygiene should be appropriate to the work situation. Employees are expected to present a professional, business-like image to customers, prospects and the public. Radical departures from conventional dress or personal grooming and hygiene standards are not permitted. The personal appearance of certified and non-certified personnel is to be governed by the following standards:

(1) Moustaches and beards should be neatly trimmed; shaggy moustaches and beards are not permissible.

(2) Hair length of males may not extend below the plane of the shoulder, nor down upon the eyebrow in front, nor down below the earlobes. Hair must be clean, well-groomed and neatly cut.

(3) Hair of females must be clean, neat and well-groomed. Extreme coloring and extreme hairstyles, which represent a substantial departure from community norms in color and style, are not permissible. Hair in rollers is not acceptable.

(4) Hair shall not be worn or cut in such a manner as to form figures, designs, or symbols.

(5) Sideburns can extend to the lobe of the ear.

(6) Appropriate foundation garments shall be worn.

(7) Denim "jeans" are inappropriate in the ordinary school setting and may be worn only with the consent of the principal/supervisor.

(8) Shower shoes/flip-flops are not permissible.

(9) Skorts and/or split-skirts shall be full and loose fitting. Dresses, skorts and/or split-skirts should extend no higher than the top of the knee. Splits in skirts shall extend no higher than three (3) inches above the knee.

(10) Patches, decorations, slogans, designs, symbols, tags, marks or advertisements in poor taste are prohibited. (Examples: Beer, cigarettes, drugs, obscenities, sexual references, or other similar items deemed detrimental to the education, discipline, health or welfare of students.

(11) Earring(s) are not allowed by males as wearing apparel.

(12) Belts are to be worn with pants designed for such.

(13) Shirts designed to be worn inside trousers/pants must be worn that way; shirts worn by males in the classroom must have a collar; males are encouraged to wear ties in the classroom.


A. Transfer Drivers - Tee-shirts may be worn.

B. Coaches - Tee-shirts may be worn in the gym or gym setting, not as classroom attire.

(14) The personal appearance of employees who do not regularly meet the public is to be governed by the requirements of safety and comfort (such as school approved custodial, maintenance personnel wear), but should still be as neat as working conditions permit.

(15) Shorts, tee-shirts, tank tops, halter tops, sundresses, backless dresses, and other clothing representing a substantial deviation from accepted community standards of public dress are not permissible.


A. Shorts/skorts (full) of transfer drivers may be worn if loose fitting and no shorter than the top of the knee; stretch/latex shorts are not appropriate.

B. Shorts may be worn in the gym or gym setting, not as classroom attire. Coaches shorts may be worn if loose fitting and no shorter than to the top of the knee; stretch/latex shorts are not appropriate.

(16) All employees and volunteer workers should observe personal grooming and hygiene standards reasonably expected by the community for persons occupying public positions.

(17) Any employee who does not meet the standards of this policy will be required to take corrective action, which may include leaving the premises. Any work time missed because of failure to comply with this policy will be cause for disciplinary action.


Standard dress for school food service employees and volunteer workers shall consist of Livingston Parish 2 of 3 uniforms of the same color on the same day, to be either white pants with colored tops, and/or same color pants and tops, which include loose fitting pants, skorts and/or dresses not shorter than the top of the knee, effective hair restraints, with hair that is shoulder length or longer pinned up, hose or socks, and low-heeled, enclosed white leather shoes that provide adequate protection. In addition the following requirements shall apply:

(1) Aprons should be worn over uniforms during food preparation and clean-up periods. If an apron is worn during serving time, it must be clean and of all same color. A laboratory coat or smock may be worn over a uniform. A washable (not woolen) sweater may be worn when necessary. Student workers must also wear effective hair restraints, jackets, smocks, or aprons.

(2) Jewelry must be restricted to wedding bands, watches, and/or stud earrings.

(3) Knit uniforms, tee-shirts, denim jeans, slippers, slides, or sandals are not to be worn at any time.

Ref: La. Rev. Stat. Ann. 17:81; Board minutes, 9-94.